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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Risso's Dolphins, Mola-Mola, and our youthful Humpback Whales

11/1/20 Nice group of humpback whales about 5-6 miles offshore from Santa Cruz. Great looks at lunge feeding and other surface behaviors. There is a “local” juvenile humpback that has been seen for several days nearshore, off Capitola.

Wed. 10/28/20 Great ocean conditions and beautiful blue skies this week! Santa Cruz Whale Watching went out today and saw a few Humpbacks very close to the Santa Cruz harbor! Then we went out further and saw Risso's Dolphins & Mola Mola.

More noteworthy sightings from Wednesday's Whale Watch: we saw baby Mola Mola (sunfish), in groups of about five frolicking and splashing! Two of the humpbacks were juvenile, one hanging out near the swim buoy, the other further out. Santa Cruz Whale Watching also saw about 50 Risso's dolphins. At one point a baby Risso's jumped! There was also a larger humpback whale that was joined by the Risso's dolphins and some sea lions looking for food. On the way back to the harbor the juvenile humpback seemed to move over to Seabright Beach. A wonderful day full of many of Monterey Bays treasures.

Tuesday 10/27/20 Humpback whales are spouting, just outside the Santa Cruz harbor.

Photo: Risso's Dolphins

Risso's Dolphins Monterey Bay

This larger variety of Dolphin can usually be easily identified by their large dorsal fin and blunt shaped head. These deep divers feed mostly on squid.

Monica Reynolds | Tue, Nov 3, 2020 2:48 PM