how come some fake watches can't be seen in a specialty store?

A reader friend told the author, how come some fake watches can't be seen in a specialty store? I don't know if you have encountered such a problem. Whether you have encountered it or not, this is a problem worth pondering.

Why can some replica watches be so close to the genuine ones?

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One of the important reasons is that the current technology or craftsmanship of making watches may not have reached a completely insurmountable height. In other words, although there is a certain threshold, the threshold is obviously not high enough, at least not high enough to be insurmountable. I dont know if you agree with the authors analysis.
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However, the author wants to emphasize that the fake is always fake. If a person is unwilling to pay the corresponding price for the genuine product, but only wants to enjoy the satisfaction or vanity brought by the genuine brand, it is actually quite selfish and selfish. Murky. We must respect the efforts and costs that others have made to build brand value over a long period of time, instead of trying to reap the fruits cultivated by others effortlessly, because this is tantamount to stealing or robbery.
It can be seen that it is not easy to observe the details through the details that we can easily see, even if the fraud technology is unambiguous, unless the fabrication is particularly fake, it is so rough that it can be detected at a glance.
Therefore, to distinguish whether it is a fake watch, the first thing to look at is the price. If you buy it at a very cheap price, such as one or two discounts, or even cheaper, it is generally fooled. Don't take it too seriously. For example, some people ask me, do you think my Rolex is real? I asked him how much did you pay for it? He said that the dealers engaged in activities and bought them at less than a 10% discount. I told him that it must be fake, and you are also expensive. Don't think about the pie in the sky, these big-name watches, not to mention one or two discounts, even some popular watches need to be added to the price before they can be bought. For example, many people say that they are infinitely close to genuine products.
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Then it depends on the channel. Regular brand stores or distributors are always more reliable, because there are still many big-brand watches that are not sold online, so some online shops selling fake watches will pretend to be brand online franchise stores or distributors , And even deceive people with gimmicks such as promotions. Therefore, we must put the hope of buying a real watch on the channel and price, and don't be greedy for cheap, it is easy to be fooled.

Regarding the details, big-brand watches are often exquisite in every detail of the watch, packaging, cards and other accessories. If you find any roughness, flaws, or errors, you must pay special attention. Some people say that if it is a brand product that has errors in details such as letters, isn't it an orphan? Maybe it will appreciate in the future. People must have dreams, but they cannot always daydream. In the past, the author also posted some comparisons of real and fake watches, watch cards and other details, but many people reported that they were fake after a closer look. Indeed, what you often lack is carefulness.

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