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Now! Great White Shark Encounters!

Great White Shark Encounters

Whales near Santa Cruz, and up the Coast.

Friday 3/6/20 Humpback whales and gray whales north of Santa Cruz..
Some of the humpback whales seem to have wintered here. The rest are heading back from South America and should start arriving soon.
The gray whales continue on their northbound migration to Alaskan waters. Keep an eye out for the gray whale mothers and calves hugging the coastline trying to avoid orcas. 

Thursday 3/5/20 We saw 4-6 gray whales today plus a pair of humpback whales. We went north of Santa Cruz where the gray whales are on their journey to Alaska. Come see these majestic mammals on Monterey Bay!

Saturday 2/29/20
Humpback whale activity just a quarter-mile off the Santa Cruz Wharf!

HUmpback whale, Monterey Bay. Photo Toni Couch

Monica Reynolds | Mon, Mar 9, 2020 11:04 AM