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Now! Great White Shark Encounters!

Great White Shark Encounters

Welcome to Autumn in Monterey Bay

harbor porpoise

Monday 9/20/21 Harbor Porpoise! We also had a goofy lunge-feeding juvenile by the beach. Great day for birds - Pelicans and Cormorants.


Sunday  9/19/21 Gorgeous day out on Monterey Bay! Humpback whales continue to delight us with diving and feeding offshore. We saw same mother/calf pairs and several synchronized dives.


Saturday  9/18/21 Sunny skies and many active humpback whales!


Friday  9/17/21 We had good looks at multiple humpback whales, sea lions, otters & gulls.


PHOTOS: Syndey Minges


whale tail
Whale Tail 

Gull and otter buddies
Gull and otter buddies

in sync
Synchronized Dive - Mother Humpback and Calf


Monica Reynolds | Wed, Sep 22, 2021 5:21 PM