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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Summer Whales in Monterey Bay!

8/7: Active Humpback Whales again and large rafts of California Sea Lions! 

8/6: 15+ Humpback Whales close to Santa Cruz! We also found large, social pods of Risso’s Dolphins and lots of jellies!

8/5:  Active Humpback Whale mom & calf; and “Little Dimple” & friend! We also saw California Sea Lions, Southern Sea Otters and a few huge Mola-Molas! 

8/4: We saw Humpback Whales, Sea Otters, Sun Fish and sea birds.

8/3: We found the male Humpback Whale “Quicksilver” and he decided to give us some nice looks at his tail with over 20 tail-slaps and throws! We also found a beautiful mom & calf and a few single Humpback Whales! Black-footed Albatross, Common Murre, Brandt’s Cormorant and Southern Sea Otters! 

8/2: Great look at Humpback Whale baleen (the keratin structure in their mouths used for filtering), large rafts of California Sea Lions and fuzzy Southern Sea Otters! We also saw some iridescent clouds, also called “fire rainbows”, that occur when sunlight diffracts off the ice crystals in certain types of clouds! 

Friday 7/29-Sunday 7/31: Humpback Whales!


Monica Reynolds | Wed, Aug 10, 2022 12:57 PM