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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

So many Whales & Dolphins and Sea Birds on Monterey Bay!

Sept. 26th: Northern Right Whale Dolphins bow-riding today!!! We also had continuous lunge-feeding from about 10+ Humpback Whales and 100's of Risso’s Dolphins!

Humpback Whale lunge-feeding 9/26/22

Sept. 25: We encountered two known humpback whales; “Flopsy” and “Little Dimple,” both are adult females. Today they enjoyed socializing with each other and playing with some California Sea Lions. “Flopsy” is the one with the smushed dorsal fin, it was most likely caused by an entanglement with marine debris that led to nerve damage, her first sighting was in 1986!

"Flopsy" Humpback Whale 9/25/22

9/24: Humpback Whales breaching and putting on a show. A Sea Lion and Harbor Seal greeted us in the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Humpback Whale 9/24/22

Sept. 23rd: We found Humpback Whales! Of course there were also Sea Lions and many birds were out on the Monterey Bay. And a Harbor Seal was sunning in Santa Cruz Harbor!

Harbor Seal 9/23/22

Humpback Whale 9/23/22

Monica Reynolds | Wed, Sep 28, 2022 11:22 AM