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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Lunge-feeding Humpback Whales, Risso's Dolphin pod with babies!

October 28th:  4 Humpback Whales right outside the Santa Cruz Harbor, including a pair that were lunge-feeding and did a close pass by the boat! Then we ventured offshore and found a large, active group of dolphins! 100+ Risso’s Dolphins and a dozen Pacific White-Sided Dolphins mixed in! The dolphins displayed breaching, tail-slapping, spy-hopping; and even had some newborn Risso’s mixed in.

Humpback Whale lunge-feeding, Anchovies flying!

Humpback Whale lunge-feeding

Humpback Whales 

Humpback Whale lunge-feeding

Humpback Whales lunge-feeding

Risso's Dolphin spy-hop

Risso's Dolphins

Risso's Dolphin breach

Risso's Dolphins

Risso's Dolphin

Dolphin dive

Southern Sea Otter

Brandt's Cormorants

Monica Reynolds | Thu, Nov 3, 2022 1:00 PM