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Lots of humpback whales over Soquel Canyon! Plus sea lions, jellies, otters, special birds

Whale Watching has been great this week, each day we're seeing a few more whales in Monterey Bay.

Today -- Fantastic interactions with friendly whales , 4 humpbacks swam near Velocity!

Sunday 7/28 15-20 whales over Soquel Canyon! We focused on group of 4 that became 7 humpback whales, accompanied by hundreds of sea lions. Beautiful sea nettle jellies 2 GW sharks, and a Nazca Booby Bird!! And 6-8 otters.

Last Thursday 7/25 3-4 humpbacks, 1 shark close to boat, 3 more close to shore, 6 bottlenose dolphins, bow riding with boat.

sea lions

photo: John Warren

Jenny O'Leary | Thu, Aug 1, 2019 6:56 AM