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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Humpback Whales loving Monterey Bay!

July 3rd: Two pairs of Humpback Whales today! The first pair got friendly with the boat and second pair did some massive tail throws! Both pairs had Risso’s Dolphins hanging out with them as well! Such an awesome day! 

July 2nd: Windy weather made it tough to find whales, but we still managed to find one traveling Humpback Whale; it even breached for us as we were leaving! We also saw Southern Sea Otters, Ocean Sunfish, California Sea Lions and lots of Egg-yolk Jellies over by the Wharf! 

June 30th: Yesterday we saw “Fallon” plus a few other Humpback Whales! “Fallon” was first seen in 2012, so at least 10 years old, and decided to get playful for us! We got to see “Fallon” breach, spy-hop, tail-slap and pec-slap! 

June 29th:  Monterey Bay is teeming with wildlife!  We saw Humpback Whales, Sea Otters, Sea Lions and many different birds.

June 28th: BREACHING BABY WHALE! 4 Humpbacks in total, including a mom/calf pair and two juveniles we’ve seen before! The calf decided to get active for us with breaching and tail throwing! We also saw 3 Mola-Molas (Ocean Sunfish), Southern Sea Otters, California & Steller Sea Lions, and finally the first Common Murre chicks of the season! 

June 27: The fog made it tough but we finally managed to find “Rastrillos”. A juvenile Humpback known for the large amount of rake marks all over its body; these markings come from orca teeth, so clearly this individual was preyed upon in the past but got away! We’ve been seeing this individual since July 2021! We also saw a sleepy group of Risso’s Dolphins! 

6/26: EPIC tail throwing from “Blooming Onion” today; we first saw this little female Humpback Whale as a calf last year, but now she is over a year old and off on her own! We also got to see “Fran” and her calf again, as well as many other adult Humpbacks! California and Steller Sea Lions round out the list! 


Monica Reynolds | Mon, Jul 4, 2022 1:37 PM