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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Humpback Whales; calf, juvenile & adult! Harbor Seals lounging!

May 10th: 10+ Humpback Whales; including a new calf (yellowish fluke) and a familiar pair feeding together, “Inverse” and “Bread Knife”! A curious juvenile Humpback that was spy-hopping and playing with California Sea Lions, many feeding adult Humpbacks and silly Harbor Seals! 

Photos & text by Sydney Minges

Humpback Whale tail, a calf!

Humpback Whale fluke, juvenile

Humpback Whale fluke "Bread Knife"

Humpback Whale fluke, "Inverse"

Humpback Whale fluke, adult

Humpback Whale spy-hop!

Humpback Whale, spy-hop

Humpback Whale tail

Humpback Whale 

Juvenile Humpback Whale playing with California Sea Lions

Juvenile Humpback Whale playing with California Sea Lions

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale

Harbor Seals

Harbor Seal

Monica Reynolds | Fri, May 12, 2023 5:06 PM