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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Happy Summer! Welcome humpback whales and sharks in Monterey Bay

We’ve had more local whales this week, less than 4 miles away, at the northend of Monterey Bay. Huge schools of anchovies all over. Large gatherings of sooty shearwaters near shore. We have had some active humpbacks lately! Lunge feeding, breaching, and pec slapping!

Yesterday a cow calf pair spent time with us, and the calf was really feeling his or her oats! Multiple breaches!! The jellies and Mola molas are persisting. Several mama otters with pups have been spotted in the robust kelp canopy off the shores of Capitola.

And, last but not least, great white sharks!! We’ve spotted anywhere from 3-13 sharks, and some larger animals close to 10 feet in length!

A family of bottlenose dolphins has also been foraging for tail fish up and down the Santa Cruz coastline. So much variety! But the breaching whales really stole the show this weekend!

3 Photos: Richard Porzio (6/21/18)
Humpback whale breach Monterey Richard Porzio photo


otter monterey bay santa cruz whale watching

little family

Great White Shark at Seacliff Beach, Monterey Bay. Photo: Michael Nelson 6-23-18
sharks monterey bay

Monica Reynolds | Tue, Jun 26, 2018 5:51 PM