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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Gray whales are here, Risso's dolphins, clear water

12/29/18 We’ve mostly been watching humpback whales still spending time in Monterey Bay! Anywhere from 2-6 whales per group. Some big some small. Still feeding a little, although it is late in the season. A few graqy whales have been spotted! We’re keeping our eyes peeled for the winter grays migrating south from Alaska over the winter months.  Risso’s dolphins have been showing up a lot too! Water is super clear, so any animals near the boat, you can see about 20 ft down. It’s like a swimming pool.
12/23/18 Sunday - Orca! And lunge feeding humpback whales.
12/22/18 4-5 Humpback whales surface feeding, close to Santa Cruz – tip of Soquel Canyon. Also saw a tufted puffin.
12/20/18 Santa Cruz Whale Watching found a Blue Whale today! The giant was diving but we got some good looks. Then on the way back we found a couple Humpback Whales. We hung out with one for a bit. Christmas in Monterey Bay!
12/15/18 Saturday we ventured offshore to find a small group of active Humpback Whales. Then had a second pod of whales close to Santa Cruz on the way back in to port. We got good looks at flukes, diving whales. There are about 8-12 late-season humpback whales who have been spending time near Santa Cruz and zig-zagging through Monterey Bay. Black-footed Albatross! Migrating Gray Whales, Risso's Dolphins.

Risso's Dolphins Monterey Bay. photo: Michael Nelson

Monica Reynolds | Sat, Dec 29, 2018 10:38 AM