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Now! Great White Shark Encounters!

Great White Shark Encounters

Friendly and funny humpback whales

7/29/21 We had a pretty good day! 8 whales (4 different pairs), a friendly calf, and a different breachy calf -- This guy breached like 20 times!!!

7/28/21 Good whales lately! There are blue whales in the bay but we haven’t seen them…yet. But lots of humpback cow calves! And surface activity!

7/27/21 More great looks at humpback whales, mola mola, sea lions offshore.

7/26/21 Humpback whales, including a big lunge-feeding friendly male, splashing and tail throwing close to boat. We’ve been seeing a lot of Mama/calf pairs as well.


Monica Reynolds | Thu, Jul 29, 2021 4:12 PM