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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Feeding frenzy for Humpback Whales and more in Monterey Bay!

September 22: Amazing variety of wildlife, including close looks at Humpback Whales “Bottlenose” and “CRC-12316”, California Sea Lions, Southern Sea Otters and Harbor Seals!

September 20th: We had an awesome day with 15+ active Humpback Whales and schools of Mola-Molas! We also had a Red-breasted Nuthatch (last photo) land on our boat and hitch a ride back to shore! 

September 18th: IT’S A GIRL! Photos from our FRIENDLY Humpback Whale on Monday’s trip, 9/18/23! She gave us a nice up close and personal look at all different aspects of her while we sat in neutral (whale approached us)! First photo shows the hemispheric lobe on her underside, which lets us know this is a female! We also saw 10+ actively feeding Humpback Whales, including mom/calf pair “Right Eye” and “Ciao”!

September 17th: Playful Humpback Whales, mom and calf pairs, schools of Mola-Molas and Southern Sea Otters! 

September 16th: Humpback Whales “Little Dimple” and her new calf, “Two Faces” and more actively feeding Humpback Whales outside of Santa Cruz! 

September 15th: Humpback Whales Gavin and HW-MN0502730 actively feeding! We also saw breaching Mola-Molas and California Sea Lions! 

September 13th: 12+ actively feeding Humpback Whales, including breaching calves!

September 10th: A Humpback Whale feeding with a variety of sea birds and California Sea Lions! 

September 9th: 1000+ Common Dolphins and 6+ Humpback Whales, including 2 mom/calf pairs! 

September 8th:  TUFTED PUFFIN! We also saw Humpback Whale “Gavin”, California Sea Lions, Mola-Molas and Southern Sea Otters!

September 7th: 10+ Humpback Whales, including 3 mom/calf pairs, actively lunge-feeding and breaching!

September 6th: 20+ Humpback Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins, California Sea Lions, Mola-Molas and much more! 

Monica Reynolds | Thu, Sep 21, 2023 11:01 AM