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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Breaching Whales & Dolphins!

8/21: The Risso’s Dolphins steal the show again; 5 days in a row now! This time it was an active nursery pod! We also saw two Humpback Whales, including “Quicksilver”, and large rafts of California Sea Lions! 

8/20: A Risso’s Dolphin was breaching! We found 4 Humpback Whales and 50+ Risso’s Dolphins that were being active! Cool Jellies too.

8/19: More Risso’s Dolphins today, this time a large, active group! We also had two big, beautiful Humpback Whales! Also, a Sunfish, Sea Lions and Harbor Seal.

8/18: Humpback Whales and Risso’s Dolphins! 

8/17: Humpback Whale, Risso’s Dolphins, a HUGE smack of Moon Jellies and a Southern Sea Otter with a huge crab! 

8/16: The fog was thick, but we got lucky and had two large Humpback Whales pop up right next to the boat! We also saw Black-footed Albatross, Mola-Molas and California Sea Lions! 

8/15: Humpback Whale “Clubs” and her calf again, this time the calf breached over two dozen times for us! We also had good looks at Harbor Porpoise, Southern Sea Otters and porpoising California Sea Lions! 

8/14: Santa Cruz Whale Watching again saw a pod of Orcas!  We also saw a Humpback Whale, Sea Otters, Mola Mola/Sunfish, and a Great White Shark! Another great trip on Monterey Bay!

8/13: ORCAS!!! We had a beautiful Humpback Whale doing tail-slaps, but then we were alerted to some Killer Whales feeding on a California Sea Lion! We rushed over and got to see “Star’s” pod (CA51s/OCTO44s) celebrating their hunt! The whole family did a close pass right by our boat and then one of the females breached three times! SUCH AN AMAZING DAY!!! 

8/12: Humpback Whale depositing a fecal sample! We also saw another juvenile Great White Shark and Southern Sea Otters! 

8/11: So much life on the bay today! We had Humpback Whales feeding with California Sea Lions and all kinds of sea birds! We also had great looks at Harbor Porpoise and two beautiful juvenile Great White Sharks! And finished the tour off with Southern Sea Otters and a sleepy Harbor Seal!

Orca breaching 8/13/22

Risso's Dolphin breaching 8/20/22

Monica Reynolds | Mon, Aug 22, 2022 11:46 AM