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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Blue Whales today in Monterey Bay


8/14/18: BLUE WHALES!! We spotted 3 blue whales today! The blue whales were seen along with phalaropes (ocean shorebirds) indicating the blue whales are feeding in the Monterey Bay! We had good looks at the blues then on to view some great white sharks.

8/13/18: Whale Watching on Velocity, More local whales today near Soquel canyon! About 6 animals. Lunge feeding! 2 sharks, and otters (moms and pups). Sooty-shearwater and pink footed shearwater, Cassin’s auklet. Mola-mola, sea nettles, and sea lions!
And on-board Legacy, we saw mama/pup humpbacks swimming several miles off Santa Cruz, showing tail flukes and enjoying the day. Plus, harbor porpoises, California sea lions, lots of mola mola, stinging sea nettles, and good looks at our Monterey Bay sea otters.


blue whale monterey velocity whale watching
Blue Whale in Monterey Bay, with Santa Cruz Whale Watching by Stagnaro Charters - photo from last year by Travis Norton.


monterey whale watching
Humpback whales this week - Photo M. Nelson 8/11/18


sunfish whale watching monterey
Photo M. Nelson 8/11/18 -- Sunfish "mola mola" Monterey Bay with Santa Cruz Whale Watching


whale watching monterey

Sharks at Seacliff Beach Photo M. Nelson 8/11/18 Monterey Bay with Santa Cruz Whale Watching

Monica Reynolds | Tue, Aug 14, 2018 2:59 PM