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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Blue whales, humpback whales, sharks

July 14, 2020: Welcome back to our Sightings Reports Page! We've had some really great whale watching and shark encounter tours since re-opening in June. Because of Covid-19 Public Health orders, we are running trips with fewer passengers, resulting a a luxury cruise experience for our valued guests. We're happy to have you on board and thankful for everyone going along with wearing a face-mask and maintaining social distance from each other. Here is a sampling of recently spotted Monterey Bay wildlife:

We've had a few windy days over the week, but today the fog came in to settle the wind. After a little while out, the skies cleared and
we found 10 humpback whales and 3 blue whales!

July 12 Shark Trip saw some big (11-13 feet long) white sharks near the Cement Ship at Seacliff Beach.

July 6 in the evening we saw humpback whales breach and feeding not too far off shore from the Harbor and Seabright Beach.

July 5-6 whale watching and shark encounter tours:
Humpback whales lunge feeding in 30 feet of water near Seacliff Beach/ Cement Ship.
We saw about 6 sharks enjoying some afternoon sunshine, including one13-foot great white shark!

June 26 Great local whales again today. No sharks on WW, but yes sharks on shark watch!!

June 24 Lunge feeding Humpbacks today! What a sight. These large animals coming up from below with their mouths wide open to collect as much food as possible and filter out the water. Amazing!  We also saw 3-4 great white sharks. Waters were calm!

June 22 We had 200+ Rissos dolphins and Pacific white side dolphins playing around the boat today. Topped the trip off with two humpback whales.

risso dolphin monterey Risso's Dolphins, June 2020, photo: Brian Phan

We look forward to having you on board to enjoy the Beautiful Monterey Bay!

Monica Reynolds | Tue, Jul 14, 2020 4:12 PM