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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Beautiful Days on the water with Autumn humpback whales, mola-mola

10/18/20 Fog has started to return, but we found four humpback whales lunge feeding – beautiful.

10/17/20 Total of about 15 humpback whales around the Monterey Bay. We saw lunge feeding and a breach! Several large mola-mola (sunfish) and the Fata Morgana optical illusion caused by bright light along the coastline.

10/16/20 about 20 Humpbacks + huge mola molas (sunfish).

10/12/20 Humpback whales.

10/11/20 Humpback whales! Sharks.

10/10/20 Lots of humpback whales, and then Risso’s dolphins, including “Casper” the albino dolphin!

9/26/20 Saturday Humpback whales and 5 sharks,

9/27/20 Sunday, we got good looks at more humpback whale action, and Sharks in the afternoon.


Photo: Michael Nelson - Fata Morgana


Lunge feeding humpback whale, Monterey Bay in October (archive photo by TANIS GOMEZ)

Monica Reynolds | Mon, Oct 19, 2020 4:59 PM