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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Beautiful Days of Summer Marine Wildlife

July 23, 2019: All trips over the weekend we saw humpback whales feeding, tail slapping, breaching. More and more whales being seen each day near Santa Cruz, and further out in Monterey Bay! Steady looks at humpback whales, sharks, and otters on every trip! Lovely jellies and mola-mola, too.

Thurs, 7/18/19 Santa Cruz Whale Watching had some hot whale action today: 5-6 humpback whales lunge feeding very actively, along with about 100-200 sea lions. Come out and see what Monterey Bay has to offer!

7/17/19 On Wednesday Santa Cruz Whale Watching saw humpback whales, about 10 Risso's dolphin and 3 great white sharks. We also saw mola mola, sea otters, a harbor seal pup, sea nettles, and Caspian terns for the birders out there.

Photo: Michele Lachaise: HUMPABCK WHALE MONTEREY BAY JULY 2019 whale watching monterey

Gorgeous overhead view of Velocity with a juvenile great white shark, Manresa, CA July 2019
PHOTO: SEAN VAN SOMMERAN, used with permission.
great white shark santa cruz california

Monica Reynolds | Tue, Jul 23, 2019 2:17 PM