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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Active whales, lots of dolphins, lovely days on Monterey Bay this week

10/7/19 Humpbacks feeding, hundreds of Risso’s dolphins, Pacific white sided dolphins, northern right whale dolphins, big mola mola.

10/5/19 Shark Encounter, we saw 3 great white sharks, beautiful weather down the coastline.

10/5/19 Whale Watching today we had 200+ Risso’s dolphins and about 9 humpbacks. More lunge feeding and an active pair that did tail slaps, tail throws, breaches (at a distance) and a “head stand”!

10/4/19 We had awesome lunge feeding humpbacks and a friendly “drive-by” by a whale swimming near to the boat. Really active whales in Monterey Bay!10-4-19 James Maughn
Humpback whale fluke, with California Sea Lion

(photo: James Maughn)

Monica Reynolds | Wed, Oct 9, 2019 1:21 PM