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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Summer is here, bringing humpback whales to Monterey Bay

Happy Summer!

We've been seeing humpback whales on all of our Montery Bay Whale Watching trips this week, along with Risso's Dolphins, otters, and juvenile great white sharks!

Sunday 6/20: Humpbacks at Soquel canyon, 6-7 whales. Active mom and calf, mom lunge feeding, calf tail slapping and breaching. Risso's dolphins just outside mile buoy. And otters! Sharks on shark trip--2 really close-up.
Happy Father's Day and Summer Solstice.

Saturday 6/19
3 good whales, one quickie pec slaps and lunge feeding and great Risso's dolphins at the end small pod super close-up.

Friday 6/11: Two whales either side Soquel lots of Risso's dolphins and a mola mola.

6/20/21 Sharks, and one came and swam alongside really close to the boat!

6/6/21 Sunday we saw 2 sharks!

6/5/21 Saturday we saw 3-5 sharks.

6/4/21 Awesome Great White Shark Encounter Trip today! We saw at least 6 sharks. Some were pretty close to the boat. A couple 12-13 footers!


Thank you, Whale Watchers! As we re-open to full capacity on our touring vessels, we'd like to thank everyone for continuing to respect reasonable social distance and wearing face masks when requested. As of 6/15/21, face masks are not required for those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Welcome aboard!

juvenile great white shark santa cruz whale watching

Photo: Megan Petersen, June 20, 2021 with Santa Cruz Whale Watching


juvenile great white shark santa cruz whale watching

Photo: Teresa Kossayian, May 29, 2021 with Santa Cruz Whale Watching

Lisa-Marie Pohl Whale Watching Spring 2021

Photo: Lisa-Marie Pohl, 5/14/21 with Santa Cruz Whale Watching

Monica Reynolds | Wed, Jun 23, 2021 11:37 AM