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Now! Marine Wildlife Encounters!

Marine Wildlife Encounters

Gray whales, humpbacks, sharks and Orca this week in Monterey Bay

Here is an update on the amazing wildlife we've been seeing on Monterey Bay. Thanks to all of our whale watching passengers and spout spotters!
Sunday 4/18 – ORCAs! 7 killer whales spotted about 6 miles offshore from Santa Cruz.
Saturday 4/17 – Gray whale mama and calf travelling through Monterey Bay – spotted near Santa Cruz west side.
Friday 4/16 – Gray whales, and a great white shark spotted near Seacliff Beach. The gray whale was very interactive with us, coming up to the boat and diving under!
Monday 4/12 Gray whales.
Sat 4/10/2021 Morning trip had some sneaky gray whales, 3 humpback whales and a breach!
Afternoon whale watch had 4 gray whales and otters.
Friday 4/9/21 Gray whales, 1 humpback whale.
Humpback Whale 4-6-12 Photo: James Maughn
Gray whales off Santa Cruz, CA 4-6-21 Photo: James Maughn
Monica Reynolds | Mon, Apr 19, 2021 3:49 PM